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 He aswell showed how weapons Cheap NHL 16 Coins   could be customized or anew purchased through the Drebin Boutique advantage from the agenda screen. For instance, you can add on a laser afterimage or a suppressor to a gun, or acquirement a assassin burglarize if an enemy's too far away. Customization and purchases are all done with Drebin Points, which can be acquired by acrimonious up accessories and weapons in battle. On some days, the Drebin Boutique has discounts. You can acquirement new weapons or acclimate absolute ones through the Drebin Shop. Kojima showed off a few weapons that can be purchased from Drebin's Shop, including a M60E4 apparatus gun. There was aswell an XM25 airburst armament launcher, which lets you acclimatize the ambit of biking afore the admission for an authentic hit to the target. In the closing of his presentation, Kojima showed off what he alleged the "ultimate weapon" that is attainable in Drebin's Shop.